12/30/10: Tom & Kristy 10th Anniv.

What an excellent adventure--
I conspired with Groom Tom

to surprise his Bride Kristy

with a *surprise* 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal in Grand Central--featured in NY Daily News!

Tom & Kristy have been married 10yrs and have 3 sons. When they were 1st married, they really wanted

to do the ceremony at Grand Central, but it was beyond their budget. On the day of their wedding upstate, there was a big winter blizzard that kept many guests from attending.

On their 10th anniversary, Tom & Kristy planned to "restage"

their wedding with a photo session at Grand Central.

Kristy had NO IDEA that Tom contacted me, to surprise her,

to renew their vows!

She was totally overcome with emotion and we had a beautiful

ceremony. On a side note: how GREAT do these two look

10yrs later in their SAME wedding dress & tux?!!

I am so inspired by Tom's romanticism and his love for his wife,

and the vibrant, exciting, true LOVE that Tom & Kristy

have shared for 10yrs. I hope they contact me

to renew their vows again on their *20th* anniversary!

Warm regards you two, you have truly touched my heart!

With love, Rev. Annie NYC

12/18/10: Jaxie & Dan 5th Anniversary

Jaxie is a good friend from my online life! We met in a pop culture literature chat group in the 1990s :) It was an honor to offiicate Jaxie & Dan's wedding ceremony in PA in 2005.

This holiday season I was delighted to renew Jaxie & Dan's vows of marrige on their 5th Anniversary in Allentown, Pa on the set of Civic Theatre's A Christmas Carol

The bride & groom spoke the same vows they shared 5yrs ago, and in addtion, added new, personal vows to their commitment to each other.

We were joined by two friends who supported them and took photos & video. Afterwards, they had lunch in the neighborhood, and I went to my family Christmas party!

It's touching to witness the sincerity, attention, and affection Jaxie & Dan give to their relationship. They have told me to "save the date" for their 10th anniversary vow renewal in 2015!

Many blessings you two, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
With love, Rev. Annie NYC